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We're Moving!
My name is Amy, and I'm the owner of DIY PAK. We've been working in conjunction with another business, DIY Cosmetics for a little under two years to provide small cosmetic businesses with high quality cosmetic containers. DIY PAK has supplied small batch cosmetic containers, whereas DIY Cosmetics has supplied bulk stock. Now, the owner of DIYC is winding down her operations and selling me her floor stock. We expect the transfer to be complete around the beginning of next year and will run our business concurrently until then. In short, small batch and bulk will be reunited under one roof again, and it will all be called DIY PAK.

In addition to that, we are moving our operations, which are currently in Northern Virginia, to Tucson, Arizona this summer. This is where the hiccups enter. We are not Amazon. We are currently a part-time business located in a home, and this is our big step into becoming a "real company." We don't have venture capitalists - we don't have loans of any kind, in fact. We are trying (and so far succeeding) to build a debt-free business.  This also makes the move a bit complicated. We have to try to get the best bargain on a warehouse space that we can, we have to reduce our inventory before we move as much as possible, and those factors, among several others , prevent us from being able to give a hard date of when the business will close down for the move and when it will reopen again. Currently, our goal is to head out to Tucson sometime during the month of August and be set up by or around September 1st. This means that DIY PAK will be closed for what we currently estimate to be 1-2 weeks sometime in August. This will likely change a little, and has a small chance of changing a lot, but we will do our best to keep in close communication with you about any of these changes as we anticipate them, and we will get you more exact dates soon.

Taking over the bulk business, and moving to a lower cost area like Tucson, angles us to start ramping up business in a big way over the next several years with the explicit aim of helping our customers. Our goal is to offer consistent supply of products in nearly any amount a customer wants, at the lowest possible every-day prices, with a rotating selection of modern, trendy styles alongside a permanent collection of classic offerings. We want to build the business so that we can eventually offer more vertical integration of the cosmetic packaging business - think common-sense additions like custom printing and new cosmetic tools developed in-house. We also want to add a comprehensive learning center. These are still a long way off, but it is our goal to become the one-stop-shop as well as learning resource for cosmetic companies of all sizes. To help an individual launch their own business from the ground up and grow with them is our ultimate goal.

In the meantime, please shop our sale starting Monday, 7/2, so please help us help you succeed and make sure to stock up! We are investing all the money we make back into the business upgrade right now, so every sale helps build a better business to serve you. If you have ANY questions about stock levels, trying to secure stock before the move, the logistics of the move, or anything else please email me at, and I will work with you to answer any questions you have.

If you've taken the time to read this far, please accept my deepest gratitude for your support over the past almost two years. We couldn't have done any of this without you all, and we want to take care of you as best as we are able. Please recommend us to friends, comment on our Instagram posts, share our posts, upvote us and review us on Facebook in the meantime! We will be releasing more newsletters than normal over the past few weeks, including surveys, and we do recommend trying to read them as much as you're able so closures don't catch you off guard. We look forward to seeing you on the other side in sunny Tucson, Arizona!

Thank you,

Amy Midkiff

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