DIY PAK-Embossing Powder Press for Compacts - Rose Motif - 37mm-Make your own professional makeup/cosmetics
$ 31.00

Trust us, this is one of those things that you never knew you had to have until you saw it just now.

Step up your pressed powder game with these gorgeous, professional quality powder presses, available in a number of different patterns that you can emboss into your pressed powders.

This pattern has a lovely rose motif that will set your cosmetic line apart from the competition. This plate will quickly pay for itself as you will be able to charge more for a beautifully finish product

This intricately tooled plate is solid brass, scratch resistant and will last you a lifetime.


1. Remove the sticker from the back and adhere the plate to one side of the press.
2. Use the smooth side of the press to press the powder until it is hard-packed.
3. Turn the press over and use the embosser for the very last press.
Notes: Never use the embosser if the pan is not full of pressed powder. It will get stuck. A press is not meant to fit entirely in the pan - it is slightly larger.