Powder Press - Steel 58-59mm
Powder Press - Steel 58-59mm Powder Press - Steel 58-59mm
$ 50.00

This is a tool for pressing powder in a pan. These industrial-style presses are made from solid steel, and their weight makes it easy to press powders for compacts.

To use, place your cosmetic pan into the square base, then fill to the top with your powder. Press down with the heavy, round disc. You may need to fill and press more than once to get a very compact powder. 59mm pans hold 10-15g of powder.

Take care of your press by never getting it wet and putting it away in a plastic bag when you are finished with it. Wipe until completely dry, then wipe down with a lightly oiled rag.

DIY Cosmetics has a YouTube video showing you how to use our presses to make pressed powder compacts.

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