Thank you for visiting DIY PAK.

DIY PAK was born out of a desire for more control over what goes into makeup. The FDA currently regulates, but does not approve, makeup in the US. This means that, while makeup is supposed to adhere to safety guidelines, there is no FDA process for pre-approval. A makeup brand can hit the market with less than desirable additives, such as lead, and it can fly under the radar until randomly tested. Who wants to play makeup roulette? No thanks. So DIY PAK is here to fulfill the DIYers of the world, as well as anyone looking to get a start in the makeup business themselves.

Perhaps more importantly, though, is the freedom of choice. Everyone is a little bit different, and our makeup should reflect that. A range of skin tones and allergies simply aren't properly serviced by the big cosmetic companies unless you pay a premium (and sometimes not even then!), and we think that's unfair. With DIY PAK, we want you to be able to have exactly the product you want. Something that matches your skin. Something that makes it feel healthy and not bogged down with a bunch of bad chemicals.

DIY PAK is currently a one-woman show. One woman with a full time job, no less. At this time, I typically only supply packs of 10 for each item. Selling single samples, and the packing and shipping involved is not cost effective for you or time effective for me. By offering free shipping for all orders over $15, you will enjoy the savings of ordering "just a few" but not more than what you actually need. If I am low on stock, or you need more than I sell, please contact me and I will work with your to fulfill your needs.

I will work hard to offer excellent customer service, ship all orders out within 48 hours and if I can not answer your question, I will find someone who can!

Please keep coming back for a visit. I have many plans for expanding my business, supplying my customers great recipes and sharing interesting article on my blog about the DIY cosmetic industry.