This is a basic guideline for creating your own powdered eyeshadow using micas (pigment pre-dispersed in mica and/or titanium).

Powders should be measured by weight NOT volume. 


To make a basic, powder eyeshadow, mix together:

Colored Micas 30% (colorant)

Fine Kaolin Powder Purified for Cosmetics 67.5% (filler)

Zinc Stearate 2.5% (helps adhere powder to the skin)


To turn the powder into a cream or hot pour powder:

Add 100% light oil such as fractionated coconut oil and 4% carnauba wax.

Heat the mixture up, mix well and pour it into your pan.


Example Cream Recipe:

30 grams powder

30 grams oil

1.2 grams carnauba wax (if you want it stiffer, then add a bit more wax).