This is a great reference guide for DIY era that would like to add botanicals to their products.

Quick Guide to Botanicals for Skin and Hair

Alfalfa Extract - astringent, skin protectant,
phyto-estrogenic herb

Algae Extract – emollient

Amla Extract – hair tonic

Aloe Vera Extract - moisturizer, protects

Althaea Extract - smoothes, softens

Angelica Extract - soother

Apple Extract - exfoliates

Apricot Oil - emollient, skin softener

Arnica Extract – soothes

Ascorbyl Palmitate (vitamin C ester) - emulsifier, stabilizer, promotes production of collagen and elastin

Avocado Oil - soothes, softens

Balm Mint Extract - soothes

Bay Oil - astringent

Birch Leaf Extract - reduces oiliness, refines pores

Black Cohosh Extract - phyto-estrogenic herb

Borage Seed Oil - emollient, moisturizer

Bringraj Extract – rejuvenates hair

Burdock Root Extract - skin conditioner

Butcherbroom - anti-inflammatory

Cabbage Rose - astringent, soother, cleanser, aromatic agent

Calendula Extract - anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory

Camellia Oil - smoothes, softens

Camphor - reduces oiliness, refines pores

Carrageenan Extract - emollient, skin soother

Carrot Extract - conditions

Castor Oil - conditioner, emollient

Cedarwood – anti-inflammatory

Chamomile Extract - calms, reduces response to irritation

Chaparral Extract - reduces oiliness, refines pores

Chaste Tree Berry Extract - hormone regulator

Cherry Bark Extract – brings out color and manageability in hair

Chicory Extract – stimulates cell growth, balances

Citrus Extract - astringent, acidifier, pH adjuster

Clover Extract - soothes

Cocoa Butter - stabilizer, thickener

Coconut Oil - emollient, lubricant

Comfrey Extract - soothes, protects

Coriander Oil - aromatic agent

Corn Cob - meal exfoliates

Cornflower Extract - skin toner

Corn Oil - emollient, lubricant

Cottonseed Oil - binder

Cucumber Extract - removes impurities, reduces oiliness, refines pores

Dandelion Extract - anti-bacterial, astringent

Ergo-Calciferol (vit. D) - essential vitamin

Eucalyptus Oil - antibacterial

Euphrasia Extract - anti-inflammatory

Evening Primrose Oil - emollient, conditioner, anti-inflammatory

Fennel Extract – soothes

Galangal Extract – creates warmth, enhances sun protection

Garcinia Extract –reduces storage of fatty tissue

Ginseng Extract - conditions, rejuvenates

Golden Seal Extract – astringent

Gotu Kola Extract – healing, promotes circulation

Grapefruit Extract - antioxidant

Grape Seed Oil - emollient

Green Tea Extract - exfoliates, soothes

Guarana Extract – promotes circulation

Hibiscus Extract – stimulates hair growth, hair conditioner

Hazelnut Oil - emollient, moisturizer

Henna Extract – conditions and smoothes hair

Honeysuckle Extract - anti-microbial

Hops Extract - astringent

Horsetail Extract - conditions, reduces oiliness, refines pores

Hybrid Safflower Oil - emollient, moisturizer

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein - conditions

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein - moisturizes

Hypericum Perforatum (St. John’s wort) - normalizes, heals

Irish Moss Extract - smoothes, softens

Ivy Extract - astringent

Jasmine Oil - aromatic agent

Jojoba Oil - emollient, moisturizes

Jube Jube Extract – free radical scavenger

Kelp Extract - skin soother, skin softener

Kukui Nut Oil - emollient

Lactic Acid - humectant, moisturizer, exfoliant

Lavandin Oil - aromatic agent

Lavender Extract - aromatic, soothes

Lecithin - emollient, surfactant

Lemon Extract - astringent

Lemongrass Extract - conditions, tones tissues

Licorice Extract - soothes

Lime Oil - aromatic agent

Linden Extract - soother, antiseptic

Locust Bean Gum - thickener, moisturizer, skin protectant

Macadamia Nut Oil – emollient

Madder Root- treat inflammation and skin disorders

Mallow Extract - soothes, reduces response to irritation

Marjoram Extract - soothes

Matricaria Oil - anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, essential oil

Melissa Extract - soothes, calms

Menthol - stimulant, cooling agent

Milk Thistle- anti-oxidant

Mugwort Extract - moisturizer, anti-inflammatory

Mulberry Extract - anti-inflammatory

Neem – anti-bacterial

Nettle Extract - stimulates, softens

Nutmeg - aromatic agent

Oat Bran - absorbent powder

Oat Extract- anti-itch, anti-irritant

Oat Flour - emollient, absorbent powder, emulsifier

Olive Oil - emollient

Orange Peel Extract - astringent

Orchid Extract - moisturizer

Pansy Extract - anti-inflammatory

Papaya Extract - smoothes, softens

Passionflower Fruit Extract - emollient, moisturizer

Patchouli Oil - aromatic agent

Pea Extract - emollient, moisturizer

Peanut Oil - lubricant

Pecan Oil - emollient

Pennyroyal Extract - soother

Pepper - aromatic agent

Peppermint Oil - stimulates

Pine Leaf Oil - aromatic agent

Plantain Extract - astringent, soothes

Retinyl Palmitate (vit. A) - antioxidant

Rose Oil - aromatic agent

Rosehips Extract - reduces oiliness, refines pores

Rosemary Oil - stimulates, rejuvenates skin

Rose Petal Extract - cleans, softens

Safflower Oil - emollient

Sage Extract - conditions, softens

Sambucus Canadensis Extract – astringent

Sandalwood Extract- treats dry skin, wrinkles

Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract - skin conditioner

Sesame Oil - nutrient, emollient

Shea Butter - emollient, lubricant

Shikakai- promotes hair growth, treats dandruff

Soap Nut – mild cleanser

Soybean Oil - emollient, solvent, moisturizer

Soybean Protein - anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, smoothes, softens and increases skin moisture

Spent Grain Wax - anti-inflammatory, minimizes skin moisture loss

Sugar Cane Extract - exfoliant

Sunflower Oil - emollient, lubricant

Sweet Almond Oil - emollient, lubricant

Tea Tree Oil - stimulant, astringent

Thyme Extract - antimicrobial

Tocopheryl Acetate (vit. E) - antioxidant

Vegetable Oil - emollient, moisturizer, skin conditioner

Walnut Shell Powder - oil, absorbent

Watercress Extract - stimulates, purifies, refreshes

Wheat Germ Oil - moisturizes, softens

Wheat Germ Extract - moisturizer, protects skin

Wheat Starch – absorbent

White Willow Bark- enhances cell turnover

Witch Hazel Extract - removes impurities, reduces oiliness, refines pores

Xanthan Gum - thickener, stabilizer

Yarrow Extract - conditions, soothes