Lip gloss containers will hold different amounts of product depending on the thickness of the plastic from which they are made.

Our ABS plastic lip gloss containers are our thickest-walled containers and hold 3mL of product.

Our thinner-walled PP plastic containers hold about 10mL of lip gloss.

Here are some tips that are useful when it comes to filling your containers. Follow these instructions and you should have no production problems. Always test your formula before filling all your containers to make sure there are no issues with melting and cracking.

1. Make sure your liquid base is not so hot that it will melt or crack the container. Temperatures should not exceed 170F/76C.

2. Never over fill the containers. Remember you still have a plug and wand that go into the container. If you overfill, you will have a mess or build up too much pressure inside the container and cause cracking.

3. Never cap your product until your lip gloss base is completely cool. Capping too soon could cause cracking in the neck of the container and/or a build-up of moisture in your container. Build-up of moisture leads to water in the cap, which will lead to mold.

4. The easiest way to put your plug into the container is to first fit it onto the wand, wide side facing up and narrower side facing the wand. Next, put your wand into the container and screw the wand in. This should sit your plug into the container.

5. If you are using our thick-walled ABS plastic containers, make sure you run a test before filling it. Some chemicals and essential oils used at levels higher than 1% may cause cracking. Some of the oils that could cause cracking include: cinnamon, clove, peppermint, other mints, orange and lemon.