We recommend Just Pigments. They have great prices, service (usually ship the same day) and customer service. Their pigments are ethically sourced from companies that do not test on animals, do not support using child labor, and are vegan and gluten free. Most of their pigments may be used for cosmetic purposes, but make sure you read the description page to make sure there are no restrictions on any particular color. Most ounce sizes are under $5.00, and they are the only company that will ship for free domestically for orders $10 and under.

If you are a soap maker they have a usage chart. Many of the soap-making groups purchase their pigments in bulk through Just Pigments. They have given me a coupon code for a 5% discount. Use coupon code iluvdiypak to get a 5% discount off your first order. They have a collection of pigments called Superstars that look just like glitter and are safe for use on all parts of the face.