DIY PAK-Lipstick Case - Black Slim Line - Pack of 10-Make your own professional makeup/cosmetics
$ 5.00

10 black slim line lipstick cases.

No mold needed. Fill as you would a lip balm tube.

Dimensions: 13mm x 83mm (3.25" x 0.5")


1. Dial the tube all the way down. 

 2. Fill it as you would a lip balm tube. You will see there is a small hole in the bottom. Pour about 5 drops in and let set, then continue filling.

 3. When your lipstick has set hard, dial the tip up. (You may set in refrigerator to speed up process)

 4. Slice off the end so that you have a nice angle to the tip.

Here is a how-to video by Astar's Place.