DIY PAK-Contour Tube - Black - Creme Foundation/Blush/Bronzer-Make your own professional makeup/cosmetics
$ 2.45

One ABS plastic contour tube. 

Black has shiny black barrel with shiny black base and collar. UV-coated for extra color depth and scratch resistance.

Each tube can hold 30g of product.

These easy to fill tubes are chubby and ideal for cake makeup foundation and highlighter for quick and easy professional-quality contouring. They can also be used for blush and bronzers.

Dimensions: 29mm x 78mm (1.2" x 3")


Contour tubes do not require a mold for filling. When they are empty, you may dial back down, clean and refill.

When pouring makeup into tube, fill 1/3 at a time and let set a bit to prevent indentation in the middle.

Please read this article and run tests before commercial runs with this product. ABS plastic will have issues with high temperatures and essential oils.

Please always order a sample and read our return policy before ordering.

Here are some tips that are useful when it comes to filling your containers.

1. Make sure your liquid base is not so hot that it will melt or crack the container. Temperatures should not exceed 170F/76C .

2. Never overfill the containers. Remember that you still have a plug and wand that go into the container. If you overfill you will have spillover or build up too much pressure inside the container