DIY PAK-Lip Gloss Tube - Slim Fancy w/Shiny Collar - Black/Silver-Make your own professional makeup/cosmetics
$ 1.70

We updated the look of our popular Fancy Lip Gloss Tubes! We will still carry the classic, but these sport a slimmer barrel and more minimalist, untapered cap. We really recommend you at least grab one bag to try - we think you'll be hooked!

Deluxe ABS lip gloss tubes. Comes in matte black with a metallic gold collar or matte black with a metallic silver collar.

Thick-walled plastic with six sides that give the tube a crystal-like appearance.

Tube holds 3.5mL of product.

Consult our Tips & Tricks to read tips on filling lip gloss containers.

Dimensions: 120mm x 17mm (4.7" x 0.7")

Please read this article and run tests before commercial runs with this product. ABS plastic will have issues with high temperatures and essential oils.

Please always order a sample and read our return policy before ordering.

Here are some tips that are useful when it comes to filling your containers.

1. Make sure your liquid base is not so hot that it will melt or crack the container. Temperatures should not exceed 170F/76C .

2. Never overfill the containers. Remember that you still have a plug and wand that go into the container. If you overfill you will have spillover or build up too much pressure inside the container.

3. Never cap your product until your product is completely cool. Capping too soon could cause the neck of the container to crack and/or a build-up of moisture in your container.

4. The easiest way to put your plug into the container is to first put it onto the wand, wide side facing the cap and narrower side facing the applicator. Push it to the top and then screw your wand onto the container. This will sit your plug into the container.