DIY PAK-Lip Gloss Tube - Slim Fancy w/Shiny Collar - Pack of 10-Make your own professional makeup/cosmetics
$ 12.50

We updated the look of our popular Fancy Lip Gloss Tubes! We will still carry the classic, but these sport a slimmer barrel and more minimalist, untapered cap. We really recommend you at least grab one bag to try - we think you'll be hooked!

10 deluxe lip gloss tubes. Comes in matte black with a metallic gold collar or matte black with a metallic silver collar.

Thick-walled plastic with six sides that give the tube a crystal-like appearance.

Tube holds 3.5mL of product.

Consult our Tips & Tricks to read tips on filling lip gloss containers.

Dimensions: 120mm x 17mm (4.7" x 0.7")