DIY PAK-Professional Pencil Mold - 6-Cavity Chubby - 11.9mm-Make your own professional makeup/cosmetics
$ 150.00

2-piece, 6-cavity mold for chubby pencils.

Heavy-duty anodized aluminum.

Inside diameter is 11.9 mm.

Chubby pencils are amazingly versatile. You can make chubby pencils for use as: eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip liner and blush.

Usage Instructions:

Chill your mold prior to pouring for best results.

Place pencil blank tip side down into the bottom part of the mold.

Place your pencils in the mold with the end cap removed.

Place the top piece over the ends of the pencil.

Pour or inject your base into the syringe and let harden.

Take the top of the mold off and and put your pencils out when the base is hard.

Place the end caps on the pencil ends.